How to Make Your Own Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is a delightful drink that can soothe, relax and relieve stress in an instant. Additionally, it aids digestion, reduces pain and boosts immune system health; all while remaining completely natural and healthy. While you can purchase pre-packed herbal tea bags from stores, making your own is easier and cost effective (plus you get to experiment with different ingredients!). Here’s how you can create herbal tea from scratch:

Tea blends offer endless creative options; all it takes is some imagination! First, determine your motivation: do you wish to promote a healthier lifestyle, calm anxiety or focus, or just simply enjoy a cup of tea? Once your goal has been established, select an herb as the “base” herb to support that function before adding additional supporting ones that provide complementary effects or flavor, along with some “accent” herbs for extra zest.

Your own tea blends can be easily created using either fresh or dried herbs, provided they have been properly rinsed and chopped to be of equal size for infusion. When it comes to dried herbs, the process is even simpler: simply combine your desired amount with water in a glass jar before pouring it in your jar; stirring with a spoon beforehand ensures all herbs are evenly distributed before covering with its lid for storage. Store for up to one year!

If you don’t have much time to devote to blending, many grocery stores sell pre-mixed herbal teas that contain high-quality organic ingredients for quick consumption and can provide all of the same health benefits as homemade herbal tea. Just be wary when reading ingredient lists as some can contain chemicals and additives you may wish to avoid.

When you are ready to enjoy a cup of tea, simply fill your mug with boiling water and allow the herbs to steep for 5-10 minutes before straining and pouring out into a mug for enjoyment! Feel free to sweeten with honey or sugar substitute as you wish; also consider adding milk for added creaminess!

Nothing beats homemade herbal tea for relaxing both body and mind! A perfect beverage to take a sip of after a hard day’s work or before sleeping soundly at night – give it a try today and you’ll see why herbal tea has such an immense popularity!

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